how to paint a room

Understanding what type of paint to use is critical to the final aesthetics and longevity of your painting investment.

A professional painter understands exactly when and how to use each paint - ensuring the best result. They consider the type and complexity of the surface to be painted; the location of the surface; the cost; any durability requirements and any decorative effects.

The five commonly used gloss stages are:

Flat (matt): Tends to mask imperfections, diffuse light and minimize the glare. Usually more difficult to clean than gloss and more likely to be affected by mold growth because of their rough surface texture. Some flat finishes are more prone to gloss increase when cleaned.

Low-gloss (low sheen):
Tends to mask imperfections, diffuse light and minimize the glare. Higher resistance to abrasion, staining and moisture.

Semi-gloss (satin)
, Gloss, Full gloss: Full gloss and gloss finishes tend to be more durable than lower gloss finishes in exterior applications. Increasingly higher resistance to abrasion, staining and moisture. Easier to clean and less likely to be affected by mold.

When selecting a colour of paint, it is best to buy a sample pot and paint a patch in the room you are upgrading.  How colours appear can vary dramatically based on the amount of light in the room and reflection from adjoining surfaces. Additionally, sample cards are often too small to really get a sense of what the colour will look like in the room. This sampling technique provides more peace of mind before committing to a colour selection.

Where in doubt, any shade of white is a generally a safe optio

What to Know When Selecting Paint

Selecting a paint colour can be challenging, but it is an important step needing careful planning.

Whether you decide to go bold, neutral or white, putting some thought into your colour selection will add value to  what you are trying to achieve with your renovation.

Ultimately, you need to consider what you are trying to achieve. Are you painting for yourself? Or, are you trying to rent or sell a home? A personal touch is great for adding life to your own home, but may detract potential buyers ("can I see myself living in this home?"). A buyer may re-consider if they think they may need to invest further in any renovations. By selecting a colour scheme that is more traditional, you paint job will tend to stand the test of time. A more trendy or "out-there" approach may look outdated quickly.

Additionally, any feature walls demand precision since any errors will be highly visible against contrasting colours.

Most paint suppliers offer specialist colour design consultancy services.

Each supplier has their own range of specific colour mix formulas. Sometimes colours with the same name may vary slightly between brands. So if you have a particular colour in mind, make sure that you are specific with the brand also. Suppliers can often also colour match from samples.

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Selecting a Colour

There are some other paint types that are used for particular functions:


Generally applied to ensure that the chosen finishing coats are not affected by factors associated with the substrate material, or previous coatings.


Primers are applied to obtain good adhesion of a paint system to the substrate. They may be formulated for use on a specific substrate.


Usually applied as an intermediate coat between a primer or sealer coat and the finishing coat if required.

Low VOC:

Recent technology can produce latex paint with lower Volatile Organic Compound concentrations. These paints are typically considered more environmentally friendly. Ultra-low VOC products are available. These paints are particularly applicable where sensitivity to VOCs or odours are of particular concern.

Steps to Painting a Room

What do I need to consider when painting a room?

Remember...engaging a professional will always yield the best results.

At Rinnova Painting, we operate transparently and want you to understand the process.

Hiring a professional painter will save you time and money because they have the skills and expertise to do it once, do it well and do it right. Painting is a specialized skill that requires years of training and on-the-job experience to master.

All these factors make a big difference in the end result. Engaging a painting contractor means that the money you invest in your paint job will be returned (with the extra) and the beauty you add with a quality and longer-lasting finish.  

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