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Things to Consider When Deciding to Paint

Your reason for repainting may be that you want a colour change, change of gloss level, to freshen up the appearance of a building, or to prevent deterioration of a substrate where coatings may have blistered and flaked.
The most important factor is the need to repaint before a substrate starts to deteriorate. You need to make sure that you maintain all substrates before they deteriorate, or it will need to be replaced. Paint plays an imperative role in protecting your building.

The paint type, substrate and service conditions will determine how a paint adheres to a surface and the level of surface pre-treatment required. The presence of mold will also require sterilization and surface mold removal.

Old paint that is blistering, flaking or cracking should be completely removed. Paint removal can be achieved by one of the following methods: water blasting, sanding and grinding, or scraping.  

All cracks, holes, indentations and damaged surfaces will be made good as far as is practicable. All fillers are used in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions and allowed to dry or to set before being sanded back to level with the surface.

When you make the decision to re-paint your house - Rinnova Painting makes sure that we evaluate your project conditions closely, so that we can provide the most appropriate and longest lasting solution. Click here to contact House Painters Near Me

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What You Can Expect from Our Painters

  • Discuss:      One of our painters will discuss your needs over the phone.
  • Consult:      One of our painters will meet with you on site at a convenient time and will go through all of your painting needs.
  • Quote:        We will provide you with a competitive, no-hidden-cost quote with all proposed methods and materials listed.
  • Prepare and Paint: Our skilled painters will complete your painting services in a timely manner, using best practice techniques.
  • Satisfied Client.

It can be a daunting task to find a house painter and a painting contractor that delivers quality finishes and excellent service from the beginning to the end of a project.

At Rinnova Painting, we value customer service and highly skilled tradespeople. We value ongoing relationships and satisfied clients. As your trusted local painting contractor, we make sure the process of having your house painted is hassle free. 

Our painters work with builders, developers, property managers, renters and home-owners as our clients.

We offer the following core house painting services:

  • New surface interior painting
  • Repainting and maintenance
  • Surface imperfection evaluation
  • Crack filling and surface preparation
  • Protection of floors, furniture, fittings, etc during painting
  • Paint and colour selection
  • Base and top coats
  • Long lasting finishes
  • Exterior painting